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We love it when we find a solution to someone’s needs that allows them to get out and participate in activities that were previously difficult or near impossible. One of our occupational therapists in Caulfield has recently found a solution to a young girls noise sensitivity that has worked a treat:

“I’ve recently found great success with a child who was very sensitive to noise using our ear muffs for kids http://www.everydaykids.com.au/collections/sensory/products/ear-muffs-for-kids

A young girl I worked with would become extremely upset and anxious in a loud classroom or out and about in a noisy environment. We trialled the use of the ear muffs for kids and they worked so well for this little girl that mum insisted on purchasing two sets – one for home and one for school. The school now report that when it is getting too noisy in the classroom, she will go to her bag and pull out the headphones. She no longer becomes upset or anxious. Mum also says that they are using the ear muffs for going shopping and that she can now get everything she needs at the shop in one visit! This little girl also loves them because they are PINK!”

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  • Renee Burton